Brewery Tour


Krakow Brewery Tour

»→ Guided Brewery Tour led by a Master Brewer
»→ Explore the production secrets
»→ Try 8 unique freshly brewed craft beers
»→ Indulge in delicious traditional Polish food to soak up the beer
»→ Taste the raw ingredients and pour your own beers from the vat
»→ Insider tips and discounts at Krakow’s best beer gardens and beer pubs

Your guide will meet you in the Main Market Square and take you on a journey to one of Krakow’s finest microbreweries. On the way, you’ll pass through Nowa Huta, Krakow’s former Soviet industrial neighborhood. Your guide will teach you about Krakow’s communist history and why the architecture of Nowa Huta still looks like it belongs in the USSR.

At the brewery, you will be introduced to our Expert Brewer. You will be greeted with a fresh pint, and lead inside the working brewery to see the beer making process in action. Our Expert Brewer will guide you through every step of the operation. You will get to smell and taste the fresh ingredients that differentiate craft beer from regular industrial beer. Then watch up close as the Expert Brewer demonstrates the next steps in the brewing process.

Our Expert Brewer will also give you the chance to sample the different brews you’ve been seeing. Make sure to sip slowly and take in every flavor, color, and aroma that makes each brew unique. Beer will never taste the same with your first hand knowledge of what goes into every pint. Once you’ve drank to your heart’s content, we will prepare a delicious BBQ dinner to soak up the freshly brewed beer before returning to the city center.


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