Beer Tastings Tour

Krakow Beer Tastings Tour

Your guide will meet you in the Main Market Square and take you down a quiet alley to one of Krakow’s finest craft beer bars. After greeting you with freshly brewed pint, you will get an introduction to Krakow’s emerging beer scene, which is now recognized as one of the best in Europe for craft beer and microbrews.

As the beer buzz hits, the fun begins. You will be introduced to our Master Brewer. Our knowledgeable Master Brewer will walk you through the endless array of lagers, IPAs, porters, stouts, wheat beers, and sours available on tap. For the next hour, our guides will give you free reign to sample any of the brewer’s delicious craft beers. As you drink, the Master Brewer will be there (and usually sober enough) to teach you about the unique ingredients and brewing techniques that go into each beer.

»→ The tastings are our Craft Beer Pub located in the heart of Krakows old town
»→ 1.5 Hour tasting guided by a Brewing Specialist
»→ Try up to 8 different types of beer and learn the brewing techniques and ingredients
»→ Enjoy great home made pub food
»→ Receive a souvenir after the tasting
»→ Discount vouchers to use at specific Krakow bar establishments

What’s the difference between an ale and an IPA? What makes porters dark and wheat beers gold? Why does craft beer taste so much richer than generic beer? And if a load of delicious beer isn’t enough, you will also be provided with some mouth watering Polish pub tapas to go with the beer.


At the end of this tour, you’ll know enough about beer to impress your drinking buddies for years to come. That is, assuming all the beer doesn’t wipe your memory clean. Who knew you could gain so much out of an hour of beer drinking?


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